How to brush cabinet with paint

The first step: to determine whether [furniture can change the color of the paint brush other] with the development of the industry, the furniture plate is not confined to the log, a variety of common wood panels, fireproof board, pressure plastic forming, the fireproof plate and extrusion forming type furniture is not suitable for oil paint color (mainly change the color of the working procedure).

[second step: prepare before the paint change] if it is log furniture, you can buy some sandpaper, the thickness should be prepared. If it's not wood furniture, you need to buy extra putty to make it up and fill it up. The choice of paint, because the paint composition is different, some paint will cause mutual chemical reaction, so to choose and their own furniture suitable for the kind of paint.

[third step: Polish] find a cuboid, and hold it with your hands. One of the flat surfaces is wrapped with sandpaper, and then pressed and polished. The direction of grinding plane is: horizontal and vertical. When grinding, you should first go up and down, first outside, then inside, and the choice of sandpaper is coarse and thin. The corner and shape of the furniture and details must be used. PS: why Polish: on the one hand, to remove the impurities on the original paint and paint, on the other hand, to increase the adhesion of the new paint.

[fourth step: Brush preparation before finishing] after grinding, see whether the furniture has uneven place, if there is, with putty leveling, grinding again to smooth state. Then protect the furniture around and the floor to prevent paint contamination. And wipe the furniture with wet towel with small moisture content. The drum with a stick, paint mixing, hand movement speed is not too fast, to prevent the spill.

[fifth step: paint] paint with a little paint brush, painted furniture on the surface of the paint once, to see if there is no chemical reaction, if not, the next step. Then pull the paint off with a brush, open it, brush it next to it, not one of those brushes, one of those brushes. Paint paint not thin not thick, thick with water ripples or paint unite into small pimple. Don't expect the first time to brush the effect and color you want. Paint brush factory proposal from inside to outside, the brush is not good, no one see, the surface brush is not good, it is very ugly.

[sixth step: brush paint] after brushing the first time, static for two or three hours, with the finger back to express touch paint surface, in order to feel dry, no adhesion feeling is good. Brushing again second times. After brushing second times, paint dry thoroughly after use very fine water sandpaper, wet grinding, appearance. The main thing is to get rid of the ripple and the paint. And for the varnish brushing preparation.

[seventh step: paint layer protection] usually furniture after brushing, brushing varnish, paint layer protection and brightening. The varnish is also the same as the paint brushing method, but every paint brush has less paint. The number of waving wrists is too much to spread out varnish.  Varnish is recommended at least two times, if there is a brush hair off phenomenon, must promptly deal with the lost hair.  Varnish only brushes the furniture surface, does not brush inside.

[eighth step: end] must wait until the paint dry, then remove the furniture around the protection, and the remaining paint sealed mouth, placed in children difficult to touch the place. That's just a little bit. If you're going to paint, there's too much work to do.

[supplement] if it's going to be a transparent paint with color, like the antique effect, it's basically hard. If you want to make a solid paint, paint and paint the film before cover, it is still relatively simple. Polish the old paint film, brush off the primer and solid paint, and quickly fix it.