Industrial brushes range of applications

Industrial brushes play a big role in helping us travel safely in the winter, and industrial brushes are a kind of ring brush with special uses. It often snows in winter in the North China weather sweeping industrial brush is an important tool for road cleaning, snow use is also increasing, although the Chinese technique in the field of industrial brush has not made a decisive breakthrough particularly large, but in the whole development process in the industry, will be more and more progress, the future will be the high-end intelligent the development of.

The proper choice of industrial brush brush is based on physical and chemical properties, such as surface finish, hardness, and so on. The suitable conditions are selected. The conditions of the brush are determined by the working conditions, size and speed of the brush. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the round brush, the better the effect. Under the same diameter, the shorter the wire brush, the stronger the grinding force and the longer the length of the brush wire, the weaker the grinding force.

Industrial brush, brush roller, brush machine application scope is wide, the choice of manufacturing materials is also different according to the use of different environments, industrial brush class is more complex and complex, industrial brush application range

Application range of industrial brush

1, a variety of industrial products and materials, cleaning, grinding and so on.

2, metal surface treatment.

3, printed circuit board surface cleaning and grinding.

In short, industrial brush rolls are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as high temperature belt conveying, surface treatment of the hair, surface cleaning, oxide removal, and plate polishing.

Two. Application of abrasive nylon brush roll

Abrasive nylon brush roll, imported 612 nylon, domestic 1010 nylon, and 20-40% abrasive material for brush roller wire processing, with high strength, strong rigidity, strong resistance to fatigue, high resistance, high melting point, etc., is a kind of high-intensity wear-resistant brush roller.

Abrasive nylon brush roller for galvanized steel shot blast cleaning machinery, food machinery and other industrial equipment.

Three, pipe brush, bottle brush application range

1, the bottle washing brush takes out the test tube bottle, the plastic bottle, the glass bottle, the medicine bottle internal organs, the brush bristles all have the nylon, the brush and so on the material. It can be made according to the size of the bottle.

2, mechanical parts deep hole, related holes, concentric hole connection process will have burr, deburring can improve the quality of parts, machining is an important part of the process. It is necessary and economical to handle burr with channel brush.

Four, the scope of application of industrial brush

1, home brush (8008509001000) by the door width, with dust prevention, insect proof, to prevent summer air conditioning function

2, industrial household vacuum cleaner, vacuum brush head.

3, rotary door brush, door brush (sealing effect), automatic elevator dust brush.

4, building materials and equipment cleaning brush bed, curtain, industrial equipment seal brush, materials available hardwood, metal, PVC, plastic, canvas and so on.

Five, industrial brush plate application range and materials

Applicable to industrial machinery parts, sheet metal, stone, process glass, electronic display cleaning, polishing, grinding, rust. Specifications can be customized according to machine size. The choice of material is nylon wire, steel wire, bristles, wool, sisal, grinding brush application range of silk industry.