Paint brush buy tips

The use of paint brush should not be unfamiliar, but the paint brush is also good and bad points, how do we buy it? Here's a brief introduction.

How to choose paint brush:

1, in the purchase of time to pay attention to the length of the mane, preferably better than the width of the brush to grow out of 50%, if the mane is longer, then dip suction and release paint will be better, brushing in the corner or the edge of the edge is also easier.

2, the plug and epoxy adhesive can be used to firmly fix the mane on the handle, and will not be pulled out when brushing, so that the bristles will not stick on the paint film.

3, the choice of paint brush handle is also very important, good balanced hardwood handle will be better, wooden handle is more comfortable than plastic handle; hardwood handle is stronger than cork handle and moistureproof.