Paint brush for painting steps

Paint brush paint can be said to be an integral part of the decoration, the correct and orderly brushing can make the home more beautiful, then how to brush the wall paint is good?

The steps of paint brush painting:

1, the preparatory work to do well, you can the floor, doors and windows, furniture and other newspapers, cardboard wrapped, to avoid brushing in the process of dirty.

2, toning, first calculate the area of brushing walls, the corresponding ratio for toning, color requirements should be strictly controlled, so that the color is the best state.

3, the construction process, brush primer, to strengthen the wall to send part of adhesion, after the topcoat brushing, should start from the chandelier, and finally to the wall, you can choose the different thickness of the drum brush for construction.

4, another brushing, brush brush more delicate than the choice of brush, mainly for details of the repair, until the paint after drying in the grinding, so that the wall is not flawed, more smooth and smooth.