Pbt brush selection skills

The wear resistance of 1. nylon 610 wire brush, with high temperature resistant acid-base properties, but the elasticity is not very good, long time work easy deformation difficult to restore, so suitable for industrial dedusting and cleaning in the rougher parts, such as mine dock dust, sanitation vehicles sweep brush and so on; the 2. elastic nylon 1010 the best cost is the highest, but the wear resistance of less than 610, the appearance of a relatively good performance, anti impact and anti aging performance is also very good, the most suitable for industrial equipment and other dust of doors and windows.

The elasticity of 3.PBT is better than that of nylon brush, but the wear resistance is less than 610, and the performance of PBT is softer, which is most suitable for cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as cleaning of automobile surface, cleaning of air duct and so on

4. commonly used in polishing bristles valuables, such as gold, precious stones, piano and other surface.

5. metal wire such as steel wire, copper wire, generally used for deburring of metal surface, and so on, its wear resistance is good.

6. abrasive nylon wire, with good wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, commonly used in the surface treatment of PCB, galvanized acid pickling line. Punched Roller Brushes brush

The utility model discloses an improved brush type steam fixation wire brush seal, including the seal matrix, also includes a front splint, inlaid on the substrate in the seal after the splint, wire brush and elastic riveting firmware, the brush wire clamping between the front plate, after the elastic anchor splint; with the front plate adjacent the front splint; higher splint; splint, the splint after before clamping wire brush is that part of the fixed end, the front splint after high splint is known as the transition between the fixed end of the steam seal tooth brush transition fixed end is clamped on the front clamping plate and the sealing substrate, and not complete clamping. The brush type steam seal for improving the brush wire fixing mode can improve the frequency characteristic of the brush wire, is beneficial to solve the problem of the brush thread fibrillation, and solves the problem of the brush seal falling off, and has the advantages of stable sealing performance, and greatly prolongs the service life.