Pig hair brush features, cleaning and maintenance

Hair brush has the following characteristics: 1, brush out the peak longer, Mao Feng thick, strong elasticity, not easy to lose hair; 2;

3. The wooden handle is well made and the packing is exquisite and intact.

Brush after use the paint should be cleaned before the paint is dry. Solvent based coatings are cleaned with corresponding solvents, and water soluble coatings are washed with mild cleaning solution. Strong solvents can also damage bristles, and the brushes can not stand vertically in paint or water, and the brushes can not be soaked in water. After cleaning, the brush should be placed flat or hung, not to make the bristles bent. While the poor hair brush peak short, Mao Feng is thin, poor elasticity; a wool phenomenon; wooden handle rough, usually no painting and simple packaging.