Roller brush selection method

The roller brush we are not unfamiliar, use more when brushing the larger area above, roller brush dipped in paint quality is relatively large, can even release paint, smooth surface, no uneven thickness of the phenomenon, so how to choose the good use of the roller brush?

Selection method of roller brush:

1, a flexible mane brush can maintain the overall shape.

2, use the plug and adhesive to fix the mane firmly on the handle, and will not be pulled out when brushing, so that the bristles will not stick on the paint film.

3, the balance handle will make the brush better, the wooden handle brush is more comfortable to use, the hardwood handle is stronger than the cork handle, and the moisture-proof effect is good.

4, bristles in the middle of the long side of the short brush in brushing the edge and corner position is more easy to use.

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