What are the common problems when painting with paint brush?

A paint blistering first, the bubble punctured, if water comes out, that the paint layer under or behind the moisture, the sun, the evaporation of water into steam, will put the top into global patent. At this point, the hot air gun removes the foaming paint, makes the wood naturally dry, then brushes the primer, and finally re painting on the entire repair surface. If the bubble in water, it may be of wood cracking, with a small amount of air, the sun, the air expands, the paint on the drums up. Faced with this situation, first shave foaming leather, and resin filler filled cracks, re paint, or without filler in scraping the paint, directly coated with microporous paint.

Two, cracks appear in this case, most of the chemical paint remover or hot air gun to remove the paint, and then re painted. If the rupture range is not big, can use sand grinding block or dry wet amphibious sand paper to touch water, paint abrasion ruptures, after surface polished with putty, brush primer, and re paint.

Three, paint peeling may be the surface is too smooth reason. If the original paint is bright paint or powder (with untreated color paste paint), the new paint on the surface will not stick firmly. Or may be of wood decay or metal rust, but also because of the poor quality of the painting and peeling. A small area of paint peeling, can be polished with fine sandpaper, and then apply putty, brush primer, and then re painted. Peeling off a large area must wipe all the paint off and brush it again. In short, in the use of paint brush paint, make good use of the above knowledge, I believe will achieve good results.