Brush Cleaning Matters Needing Attention

Brush, generally refers to the use of hair, brown, plastic silk, wire and other materials made of dirt removal or smearing oil and other equipment is generally long or oval, and some with a handle. Brush is also called brush and brush, which is divided into industrial brush and civil brush according to its field of use.

Brush factory Yao Tian tells you, brush cleaning need to pay attention to matters, please see below.

First, brush after washing with tissue paper or cotton press gently with your fingers, let the water discharge, but remember not to twist the brush, otherwise it will damage the brush, also can make the loose structure of bristles, resulting in hair removal.

Second, natural drying, not blowing dryer, not to be placed in the sun drying, otherwise it may hurt the brush bristles material.

Third, the brush can be hung after washing, so that bristles drying down.

Fourth, absolutely do not reverse wool cleaning.