How To Brush Evenly Paint

In life, furniture, walls and many other things are painted, how can the paint brush uniform and beautiful? Do it yourself, try to make our lives colorful.

The first step is to clean up.

If you want to paint evenly, first of all, you need to paint the items to clean up. After sanding with sandpaper, wipe with a damp cloth.

Second step, dip paint.

Brush paint should pay attention to the method. First of all, don't paint too much paint on the brush. Brush the brush first, and then dip it between three and four of the furniture. From top to bottom, paint the brush on the furniture surface.

The third step, brushing paint.

Brushing the paint is not a casual brush, you should pay attention to the method.

1, from the last touch there start, brush up first, return to the beginning of the brush.

2, and then follow the direction of brush down, brush to paint.

3, and then go back brush.

Brush the upper, lower, upper brush three, even if the brush has been completed. The paint on the brush has been evenly brushed on the furniture.

How do you brush paint evenly?

The fourth step is to dry.

Brush all the other places in this way. Leave the furniture in the shade before it dries.

The fifth step, grinding.

Polish the dry furniture with sandpaper, clean the surface and wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

The sixth step, brush two to three times.

Continue to use the above method Brush second times, if want to paint thick, can brush third times, so brush out of the paint surface is more uniform. After brushing, wash the brush with gasoline, dry it, and then continue to use it.

Matters needing attention

In particular, pay attention to the method of brushing, brush first dip, brush firmly, otherwise the paint will flow everywhere.