How To Choose A Suitable Industrial Brush Filaments

The main purpose of dust brush is installed in industrial equipment, pipeline, doors and windows and other parts of the inlet and outlet, to prevent dust through these gaps drilling, pollution equipment and products, so the wire brush requirement is betterelasticity, brush wire surface lubrication is good, the best also has antistatic function.

The polishing brush is mainly used for fine grinding, deburring processing surface of throwing objects, so according to different requirements to determine the types and characteristics of wire brush, if strong hardness steel plate to do surface plating polishing, the ideal wire brush should be bronze wire, if it is a general metal materials the surface to rust and deburring processing, the steel wire can be good hardness;

The cleaning brush is the most commonly used industrial roller brush, generally used for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products and fruit and vegetable cleaning industry in general cleaning and removal of detergent, brush requires good abrasion resistance, high elasticity and resistance to corrosion and aging, long time operation is not easy deformation, if the wire brush performance is not good, when long time will be the object of a certain position will cause the brush roll groove, destroy the roller brush function, even can cause the severe whole brush roll scrap.