How To Choose High-quality Paint Brush

The paint brush is suitable for small areas or difficult to paint areas, and brushing is not easy to splash paint overflow. High quality paint brush with a large amount of paint, can evenly release paint, make the surface smooth, not different thickness, and has not easy to brush the surface of the brush and brush and durable and so on. So, how to choose high quality paint brush?

Methods / steps

1. The bristles have forked ends, which can dip into the paint and release the paint more evenly (making the film smooth and uniform)

Cone type 2, thick tapering bristles can make the paint brush paint release slowly and evenly, the overall taper in the coating line and tangent place especially convenient.

3. A brush made of an elastic mane can maintain its overall shape

4, bristles in the middle of the long side of the short brush in brushing the edge and corner position is more easy to use.

5. The length of the bristles should be 50% longer than the width of the brush. The longer the bristles are, the better the effect of dipping and releasing the paint, and it is easier to paint the corners or the edges of the decorations.

6. The bristles are firmly fixed on the handle with the plug and epoxy adhesive. The bristles will not be pulled out so that the bristles will not stick to the paint film.

7, a good, balanced hardwood handle will make the brush better, the wooden handle is more comfortable than the plastic handle; the hardwood handle is stronger than the cork handle and moistureproof.

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