Nylon Brush Filaments Applications

A minor species in nylon are nylon 6 and nylon 66, accounted for a relatively dominant position, the number of types of single modified nylon, such as conductive nylon, flame retardant nylon, nylon and other polymer blends and alloys, meet various special requirements, generally used for metal, wood and other traditional materials as substitutes, all kinds of data structure.

Nylon is the most important engineering plastic, and its output is the first in the five major engineering plastics. Function: Nylon toughness angular translucent or white crystalline resin, nylon engineering plastics as molecular weight of 1.5-3 million ordinary nylon has high mechanical strength, high hardening, warm resistance, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self lubricity, shock absorption and silencing, oil resistance, resistance weak acid, alkali and general solvent, good insulation, self extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weatherability, poor dyeability. The defects are water absorption, size fluctuation and electrical function. Fiber strengthening can reduce the water absorption of resin, so that it can work under low temperature and high humidity. Nylon and glass fiber have very good affinity.