Paint Brush Classification

There are also several kinds of paint brushes, which can be chosen according to different needs. Then what are their respective advantages and disadvantages? The following paint brush manufacturers wholesale to brief introduction.

Pig brush with paint brush

A good pig brush contains a large amount of paint, and has a good elasticity, can evenly spit out the paint, making the paint surface thickness consistent, it is not easy to brush the surface of the brush, more durable, more suitable for use when the high concentration of paint.

Brush for paint brush

Wool brush is soft and smooth, good leveling, can even spit out the paint, smooth surface and uniform thickness, the surface will not leave brush before brushing, the construction time feel relatively smooth, durable, but the disadvantage is relatively easy to hair loss.

Brush brushes for paint brushes

In the daily construction decoration is suitable for large area coating roller, roller surface range is wide, so it is time-saving brush, the extension rod, can easily reach the ceiling, but in the spraying process prone to splash, so the roller brush hair too short, must be fine so, out of the brush paint feel more delicate.