Paint Brush Wall Tips

The paint can be said is not indispensable Home Furnishing decoration materials, wall paint brush is used if the construction was flat, but if the brush process is not very good, so will leave Shuahen, general household decoration mainly use wool brush, which is soft, can reduce the brush marks.

But pay attention to, when brushing paint water ratio should be controlled, between 20%-30%, not more than 35%, higher than the dilution ratio, paint easy to appear off powder, flow and other issues, then what is the wall paint skills?

1, the material should be ready, you can choose size specifications roller needs two, wool brush a, a longer stick, fast sticky powder, etc..

2. Remove the peeling paint film, then it is better to use sandpaper to polish the surface.

3, be sure to remove the old wallpaper, can be soaked with hot water mixture, wallpaper, reoccupy scraper melon paper, use water to clean the residual glue, wait for dry sandpaper to smooth.