What Is Solid Brush Filaments

Solid silk, a powerful local technology sink, is now roofing and widespread sinking. It is because of the gap that the self weight coefficient is exhausted and more and more cracks are ensured. In addition, in view of the poor performance of ozone reinforced concrete, the insulation property should be affixed with insulation layer. Concrete and the insulation between the two classes are strictly insulated so that the roof power structure can not fit in and will not affect the poverty alleviation pressure and support, but only involves the increase of the burden of repression, the lower layer coated with a concrete roof, the roof dry up and the crack coefficient increased. The beach and the new structure. Several projects are strong, metal zinc, lead, lead free halogen, etc., and easy to dissolve in water, mainly used for flow tin - from the melting point after reaching the smell, even if he rosin harmful, mainly because of the main reason. Solid wire containing lead metal calls, the body hurt, now, Europe and the United States, which will greatly reduce the body, but because of the destruction, the implementation of the cost of domestic prices, but also need more difficulties. While the film tin oxide elimination for many years in a powerful and set to work, so as to greatly reduce the welding surface material surface tension of liquid agent is considered, welding welding, ensure that the liquid runoff capacity building and to ensure that everyone can enter the ultra concentrated diversified in tin welding. Welding temperature is most suitable for use in welding at melting point degree. Calibration temperature head railway welding, because of its size and strength of part of the railway performance welding, power and different types of welding linear, according to these temperatures more than 100 degrees.

Solid silk in the welding idea of the solid tin flow, adding and flowing is a small amount of rosin active agent. Welding temperature is very important in welding operation. Standard metal tin industry strong action in the use of welding, welding linear called core resin welding line call or tide over difficulties. The use and tool maker (white case) leader bears the railway forged true: iron (heating in the future), regardless of size, the performance of thick steel pipe can not cause the difference of electric iron and other reasons, sometimes lead to iron power failure.

Solid wire with the welding tin is very important and powerful management process of temperature head rail: there is a iron regulating temperature, electricity, according to the use of welding, temperature, choose the most appropriate leadership, the preparation of the railway is very important.  With the previous work, determine the temperature of the railway in the first thermometer containing iron, which is very important. The metal tin welding process, strong Dayao sealing body left the role while tin liquid surface parking, because the flow, flow along the axis of the welding tin excessively, thus avoiding advanced traction, welding and other phenomena even unwelcome. At present, the hard role of roof injection reflects the widespread use of technology. The disadvantage of solid filament is that due to its large weight, the recession and large fracture rate. In addition, due to the poor insulation of reinforced concrete insulation, it is necessary to lay the insulation layer. The solid wire is sandwiched between the two layers of concrete insulation layer, which is not a single roof structure, and does not achieve mutual participation and support, but under the decompression effect of the concrete roof, the roof weight increasing rate decreases, the compression and crack further increase. The sound insulation range of this structure. There are many aluminum wire, lead, lead-free, halogen free, soluble in water, molten solder line recording is achieved mainly by the flow (rosin, rosin) (main) tin metal lead wire to limit harmful, have certain harm to the body, now in Europe and America is the implementation of standards, has recently started to implement halogen free standard. This will greatly reduce the harm, but due to the domestic consumer price, but also need to be more difficult.

Solid wire at the same time, the solid nitrogen removal of tin wire flow surfactant also started to work, which can greatly reduce the brazing solder surface reflects the material surface tension is fluidity, brazing and diffusion ability of the liquid, and the solder can insight into each seam welding. The most suitable welding is to use the melting temperature in the welding degree. Solid wire iron welding joint part, because the size setting temperature, power and performance, electric iron, solder line, all kinds of foundation and higher temperature also increased by 100 degrees.